Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday the Good and the Bad

Bad News...
No generator until AT LEAST next Thursday. The old one will take until then (minimum) to be fixed and the new one will be in customs longer than that. Nothing happens fast here ... and I mean nothing.

The two very small ones we are using now, allow us to plug in about three or four items at each house. We cannot run them more than about 8 to 10 hours a day. So, we will be limited on computer time as we attempt to conserve fuel for other things. I am proud, the troops are rallying and we are staying positive, but as Americans we are basically accustomed to a washing machine and showers ... so prayers for our toughness, patience, and moxy are appreciated.

Good News...
The meeting with the birthmothers was very touching. The high points were how joyful they both seemed to see the kids so big, strong, happy and healthy. Hope's mom spent a great deal of time thanking us for getting her out of Haiti for her surgery. Isaac's mom is a smiley lady and LOVED to see Isaac with his brother that is about 20 months older than him. It totally freaked us out to watch them play. They move the same, they run the same, their heads are shaped the same. I felt like my face would break from smiling.

The similarities between the birthmoms and the kids were striking ... much more so than when the kids were babies. It really was very good. Hope and Ike were interested for as long as you can expect a four year old to be interested ... they did pretty well we thought.

We made a plan with them for dropping photos at the end of August and at that time we will have John set up another meeting for the end of this year.

I have so many more details and interesting developments, but time is not allowing for all of that right now. Details later ... for now here are four of the many photos we took.