Saturday, June 24, 2006

Not a Lazy Saturday

By Britt:
Today was supposed to be sort of a mellow day. It did not turn out that way. This morning I decided to take the Lifeline translator and go find Krispe (fka Tropical Ulcer) to try and start fresh with treating his leg and to give him a Love Bundle and check up on him.

The walk over to his village is beautiful, there are two ways to walk there. One way is a wide path and the other way is this tiny single file path in the middle of weird bushes and is sort of like being in a jungle. Of course, I did not have a camera! It was so strange to walk on a clean and quiet path, no garbage, not very many people ... it was a neat experience.

Krispe agreed to help me try to help him with his ulcer. We will start fresh tomorrow with a new unna boot (a medicated wrap) that will stay on for two weeks. I am honestly hopeful that this time around might bring better results for him.

Later in the day we went up to the river to swim. Paige, Isaac, Tipap and I all went. It was fun and the water was refreshing ... basically all around good fun ... UNTIL, a man and his donkey passed by us and the man walked ahead, ignoring his donkey. The man allowed his nasty donkey to not only walk on our clothes, where they laid on the side of the river, but the donkey also took a dump at the moment when his butt was directly over Isaac's shirt, Paige's shorts, my shirt and one towel. That donkey has skills. The worst part was the long walk home without those clothes to wear. No good.

Later in the afternoon, I cleaned up a few simpler wounds and listened to some of the Brazil soccer game being broadcast in Creole on a transister radio. That was interesting. Not long after that the Haiti soap opera showed up.

Every other day is a lot for this new stitcher. Especially when it's 'all in the family'. This afternoon, the niece of the lady with the terrible cut on her knee (from Thursday) came. The problem isn't just the fact that two people in the same family needed stitches all within two days of each other. It's the drama behind this second wound. Our first domestic.

The story came out that the lady with the cut arm (photos below) (BEWARE) was arguing with her EX Father-in-law, she apparently said a "bad word" --- He got angry and they were pushing each other, then he picked up his sycthe (used to cut crops, a curved blade) and took a swing at her arm. You will see below how that worked out for her. We knew there was a story behind the injury just based on the tears ... the mom of the cut girl was crying a lot and the cut girl seemed to be crying out of sadness more than out of pain. It was sad. Jason prayed for her before we got started.


Mid-Way Finished Product - 12 Outside Stitches 3 inside StitchesJason assisted me because Mom had her hands full with Noah