Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Woes

Ish is the word for the afternoon.

Ish number one. We made the last box of brownies last night. Today, 3pm, the half batch that remained was covered in tiny ants. I looked at it long and hard and very seriously considered eating an ant brownie but in the end they got pitched out. Throwing away chocolate ... that hurts.

Ish number two. Noah woke up from nap off his game. He wanted to cuddle and lay on me. That is not the Noah I know and love. Five minutes into cuddling he barfed all over the couch and me.

The curious part was that it appeared to be hotdogs ... but he had the house specialty for lunch today (Peanut Butter Sandwich) ---- we found our culprit was Hope, who gave Noah some of her hotdog when no one was looking.

Hotdog cleaned up, Noah took to reading. He is in the middle of the Thesaurus now and really enjoys the read. He is anxious to get to the "N" section and learn other ways to say "no, not!"

Missing couch cushions are drying in the sun ... hopefully that delicious hotdog and bile smell will be baked out of them by sunset. The question is, how do I get that smell out of my nostrils? Like Hope says "It stinks inside my nose!"

In an effort to be fair, just minutes ago Noah barfed all over Troy. How very even-handed of him. He likes to look out for both of his parents. What a kid.

Hope your Sunday afternoon is going better than ours.