Monday, June 12, 2006

Blan-Kabrit Kolizyon

One year ago, my sister and I managed to pull off 26.2 miles together in Duluth, MN. (Tina, I need you to move down here.)

Today, I barely pulled off 4.5 miles.

At nap-time I set out for a run down the village road that leads out to Highway 1. Everything started off well. There were the usual stares and the occasional mockers, but all was going well. I would even say I felt good.

At about mile 2.5 things changed. I had landed on a rock the wrong way and was paranoid about twisting my ankle so I was ignoring everyone and everything and focusing my eyes on the road to be sure I would land without tripping or falling. I paid attention only to the two feet directly in front of me.

Suddenly, from out of the field to my right, I saw movement coming towards me, there was a goat (kabrit) in front of me and I was leaping to avoid running straight into the side of the stupid animal.

Shortly after that my vision got blurry and I felt cold. It is in the mid 90's, getting cold is not a good sign. I stepped in donkey dung. Six naked boys joined me for a while to practice their English and tease me. "Good morning, what is your name?" (It was 2pm) "How are you?" "Blan blan blan."

I kept willing Troy to come get me, but I guess he was not getting the telepathic message because he never came. I made it back in one piece and collapsed for a twenty minute nap on our living room floor.

Bad day for running. :(