Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Hi everyone, Troy here. This will be quick for now. I'm still in MN, feeling better. I leave tomorrow morning at 6 am for Haiti. That is good, since Tara and the kids are leaving the mission today to stay in a hotel in Port until I get there. The generator quit and won't restart. They lost power in both houses around 9:00 last night, and noone has been able to get it re-started since then. We've got calls in and people moving to talk to the generator dealer/service place in Port-Au-Prince, hopefully they can send someone out today. There's a Brazil soccer game today, which for whatever reason constitutes a national holiday in Haiti. It may be tough to get anyone to work on it, we'll see. There is a small Honda gasoline generator at the mission for backup, so the plan is to get that running with some lights and keep the Hoppa's refridgerator going today/tonight. Please be praying, we need some help quick down there, and "quick" & "help" aren't usually part of the Haitian system. Tara will be in Port this afternoon, and I'm not sure how much internet access she'll have. It might be a little quiet on the blog for a day or two.