Friday, June 23, 2006

Beach Ministry Complete

We had a really nice time at the beach together this afternoon. Friday is good because there is not weekend traffic.

It would have been JUST us if it were not for the speedo-wearing, stare-too-long, strange acting, picture taking, Brazilian contingency of the United Nations force. They are stationed in Haiti to ... to... to... protect us? Hummmm. The beach was fully protected from political unrest and bad-guy activity today.

There is no reason why anyone other than a Olympic competetive swimmer should ever wear a speedo swim suit. No reason. Do they really look at themselves in the mirror and say, "Yeah, yeaaaaah ... that looks gooooood, I will wear this to the beach." Paige and Britt were particularly questioning the wisdom in wearing a white Speedo.

The name of the beach is "Wahoo Bay" it is really cheap to get in and if you don't eat in the restaurant you can get out of there for about $12.00 U.S. While Britt and Ike were out chatting and swimming together Isaac said, "Britt, what is Wahoo Bay's middle name?" To which Britt quickly answered "Stanley." Isaac is kind of a sucker, so from here on out the beach is "Wahoo Stanley Bay."

Onto more serious thinking-
My Uncle Rick is big on metaphors. He is a wise old Pastor and he is a pro at drawing out beautiful illustrations and tying things together in a neat package. I am a novice, but because I am all introspective and soul-searchy, I enjoyed this metaphor that jumped out at me today.

We had moved to the pool to escape the icky UN guys and their speedos. At the pool Noah wanted to cling to me and walk around in the shallower end. After a bit he saw that Isaac was leaping from the side of the pool into the water and was having a lot of fun doing it. I asked him if he would go to the side so he could jump to me.

The first few jumps I had to actually be touching him before he would jump to me. After about five times he gained some confidence, he would jump into my hands as long as they were very close to his body, within reach of his jump. "Do it again Mama, do it again ... " he said.

Five minutes later he was willing to trust me even if my hands were not visible ... I could let them sit down in the water and before I knew it he was flying through the air towards me.

At a few points I was distracted by Isaac or Paige needing me to watch their tricks. It did not matter, even if I was looking off to the side. I went as far as to turn away from him to test if he still trusted me enough to jump. Without hesitation, Noah would fling himself in with total faith that I would catch him, even though he had no visable/tangible proof I was in control and ready to help/catch him.

"Again Mama again, again, again."

I am sure that is how God wants us to be. I think He wants us to trust that even though we don't see Him, even though we don't always feel like He is watching us, even when we think He might be busy with other things, He wants us to trust Him.

I believe He wants us to have fling yourself into the air kind of faith. KNOWING that He is there to help us, to catch us ... to save us. Again, and again, and again.