Friday, June 09, 2006

Birthday Weekend

Troy celebrates 31 years of being a cute guy on Sunday.

We have a busy weekend planned, but hope to spend a lot of it honoring him.

Britt and Paige and I are planning to go to Beth's ministry in Port to take a self-defense class that a cop from the USA is putting on for any women from church or that work for Beth or whatever. That should be fun. A girls day out. After 2pm on Saturday, you're not gonna want to mess with us.

Church in Port and a birthday party for Troy at John and Beth's house afterward. Should be fun ... The only negative thing we can say about this plan is that John and Beth need to move to a new house. When John asked Troy what he wanted to do for his birthday, Troy said "Sweat profusely at your house of course."

Sadly, John and Beth managed to find the hottest house in Port au Prince ... it feels like you are baking in an oven when you sit at their dining room table. The one night we slept there Paige cried half the night and Troy and I decided the room we were sleeping in, had to be similar to Hell, it is an inferno. Put aside the 120 degree house, and it is a pefect birthday plan for our guy.

We probably won't be around enough to post much until Sunday night. Have a great weekend!