Friday, June 09, 2006

Paige and Hope


The flu girls are both feeling better now. Grandma Livesay says Hope does not get photos posted enough ... and, looking back, there is truth to that. She is very much a background, quiet, do-your-own-thing, kind of girl. So, she is often off doing her own thing when the camera comes out. The boys tend to hog the attention.

Paige wrote this note as part of a writing assignment today ... I am passing it along without spelling corrections.

Dear Supporturs, Friends and Family,

Thank you for your help to my family. I apreshiate your help. You help us to be here in Haiti and that lets us do things like helping other people.

I am enjoying Haiti very much. I am having a great expeiance. We have the things we need for our family. Because of you we are down here! Thank you very much! ~Paige N. Porter~