Friday, June 09, 2006

Ticket to America?

Britt told this story more than a week ago, she is just now over her traumitization and allowing me to share this interesting conversation with the general public. The background information is important. 1. Britt has never dated anyone and has little interest in it at this point in her life. Having witnessed other boys showing interest in her, I can tell you that she is not very receptive towards this sort of attention. 2.The guy in this story was one of the weirdest people in the room at Beth's seminar in May. He asked weird questions and was generally kind of creepy.

Britt was visiting an orphanage with Ann. When they walked in he walked right up to her. He is an employee of the orphanage. Because Britt threw away the information about him we will have to call him, "G", for guy.

G- Hey, you were at that seminar.
B- Yes, I was.

(Five to ten minutes of small talk that was pleasant enough and did not cause discomfort.)

B-Well, I should get going.
G- Wait for me.
B- Why?
G-I want to give you my email and address.
B- Okay????

(He tries to get hers, she ignores his attempts.)

The next day, Britt and Ann stop back to same orphanage-

G- Did you write me?
B- No. I didn't.
(Opens her book and tries to read to let him know she is not interested in talking anymore.)

G- You look really nice today. Did you get your pictures taken?
B- Nope
G- Are you going to later?
B- Nope
(Britt says it is important to note that she did not look nice at all.)

G- Stares at her, stares at her some more.
B- Ignoring trying to read book.

G- You are so pretty.
G- You have beautiful eyes, has anyone ever told you that?
B- Yes.
G- Stares more

B- You are being nice to me and saying this stuff because I am an American.
G- Oh, no no ... this is love! You can't mess with that!
B-No, this is not love, this is because I am American.
G- That is not true, that is not true.
B- Yes it is true. That is why you are saying this stuff.

(Ann comes back, so they need to leave.)
G- Okay - write me!