Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More on Patience

Troy posed a question during the time period where we encourage our children to eat something other than junk-food...

(many families call it dinnertime, that seems a little too structured for what we had going on here tonight.)

Troy- "Noah, do you know how much patience I have for this right now?" (Possibly a rhetorical question.)

Noah- yells "NOT MUCH!" laughs wildly, runs around like a maniac

Isaac interjects- "Dad you have a six in patience, mom has a five."

When questioned on exactly how high the patience scale goes, Isaac has no answers.

Even more relating to patience ...

I spoke way too soon when I stated yesterday that "the flu had left the building." Paige started her day off announcing the arrival of her tummy ache, had one trip to the kitchen garbage can, mid-day, and slept the rest of the day. Hope, returned her dinner to us about an hour ago ... depositing it on the end of her bed.

Britt and Ike are the only two that remain standing firm against the flu bug. Since Britt left on Tuesday, and does not return until tomorrow afternoon ... my bets are on Isaac to show up around 3am with a surprise for mom.

Anybody wanna bet against me?