Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Photos

Noah with Peanut's dad, McGuire.

Troy was honored ... by the food, the people and the singing. We had turkey and ham and all sorts of side dishes ... it was great! Happy Birthday was sung in three languages, English, French, and Creole.

Here are a few photos from our Sunday at the McHoul's house. Britt and Isaac stayed home.

Troy and John

Back home for the day.

The guys spent the day discussing the best places to buy guy stuff in this country, legal paperwork to live in Haiti, driving routes to miss bad traffic, technology and the best way to talk to friends in America, Eddy, and all things manly.

The ladies discussed children, rashes, when you can find diet pop, physical therapy for malnourished kids, where you can get a haircut in this country (nowhere) as a white person, and the best technology for talking to friends in America.

We all dislike our unreliable phone situation, but we all agreed that email, blogs, and news from home keeps us going. On that note, thank you to all of you who wished Troy a Happy Birthday, he enjoyed going through all the emails.