Monday, June 26, 2006

Nice Melon

It is not uncommon for us to receive food from our friends and neighbors, as a gift. Earlier in the year we were bombarded with Mangos at least every few days. It was such a kind gesture that we could never bring ourselves to tell the Mango-giver that we really don't dig Mangos all that much.

Then, it was hard to know what to do about the abundance of Mangos ... it is very bad to throw away food in a food-poor country, but we did not know if "re-gifting" was going to cause hurt feelings. We forced ourselves to eat as many as possible, then we swore our cleaning lady to secrecy and had her carry out the Mangos under the cover of night. ;-) No, not really but we did tell her to keep it quiet.

We are now into Watermelon season, a fruit that is loved by most everyone in the family. This morning Pastor Rony surprised us with this honkin' melon.