Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Stuff

(Photo of Davis and Casey Zachary)

We told you about the Zachary family doing ministry in Cazale. The son, Casey is one of the silliest guys you can meet. While we were there he had all the Haitian people laughing with the silly things he says. He moved to Haiti when he was Britt's age and then left for college and work and finding a wife. He is waiting for his wife to finish medical school and then, Lord willing, they will return to Haiti to work with his dad and sister's.

Casey tells the Haitian people when they ask why is Creole is so, so good, that he actually is Haitian and that his mom dropped him in a bucket of bleach so his skin turned white. Our Haitian interpreter at Lifeline laughed at that for 20 minutes on our ride home.He kept saying "that guy is so funny."

The other day Casey (who is back in the States after a short visit here last month) wrote this to us, we got a kick out of it because his delivery is so funny --- but it is also true!

Casey Zachary wrote:
Glad to hear that you have kept in contact with my sisters. I am so very proud of them, and they don't often get contact with other missionary families.

I love Haitians and know you do to. Keep dishing out the Big Jesus Love like its you job, because well, it is.

They desperately need more space and have a dream of a larger clinic, they currently work in cramped quarters. Please join us in praying that this dream will become a reality for them in the near future. Bondye Kapab!

There are lots of people in Haiti doing really good work with pure motives, the Zachary's and the McHoul's are the two closest to our please pray for them as they come to mind.