Thursday, June 01, 2006

Cool People

The family that runs the rescue center and medical clinic in Cazale, Haiti, are nothing short of amazing. Cazale is not an easy place to get to. Once you leave the main paved road you drive 7 miles on a horrid hilly dirt road -- That takes 40 minutes.

Some people admit to having an addiction to our blog ... well, we don't judge you because we stalk these people via their blog. If you don't like gory medical pictures, don't look ... if you do, you will love this blog. (The minsitry does not have a web site, just the blog that Lori keeps.)

Then, this week we got to meet them ... after being their stalkers. It was so awesome. They are doing amazing things in their area but they don't seem to know it.

They see approximately 300 people a day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They operate both a medical clinic, a rescue center for sick or malnourished babies, and they have helped to drill wells in the area.

The best part is, it is a family working together. The short version of their story knocked our socks off and we know we did not get the detailed version.

The mom and dad of the family ... Davis and Gretchen Zachary became Christians later in life. Accoring to their 27 year old son, Casey they were drug users and "real messed up" --- they turned their lives over to Christ in 1986 and shortly after that they ended up on short term missions trips to Haiti.

When Davis came home from one of his trips he told his family they were selling everything and moving to Haiti. That is exactly what they did. They have been here as a family for 13 years.

The part that so amazed me is this ... when they came they had a 15 year old son, Casey ... a senior in High School, Licia, and a daughter in college, Lori. Those are some tough ages to convince to move to Haiti. Lori finished nursing school and came after the rest of her family.

Today, Davis, and his two adult daughters (30 and 32) live here full time. Casey (27) and his wife are preparing to move back here once his wife finishes med school. Casey met his wife when she came on a short term trip and met him here in Haiti. Gretchen passed away unexpectedly on a visit to the states, a year ago today. The whole family chose to stay here and serve. They are about as humble as anyone I have ever met.

The sheer number of people that they are touching with their ministry of medical care is amazing. They admit to not sleeping very much. I would worry about burn out, but they are so upbeat and happy, plus they already have 13 years under their belts. Their creole is better than any other missionary we have met yet. They sound Haitian.

Britt is so pumped, she is going to spend the day with them next Tuesday and if that goes well she will work with them a bit this summer, she will see things half the Doctors in ER's across America never get to see. Such a cool opportunity.

These are the kind of people that inspire me. Heroes for me are not sports figures or even big evangelist types like Billy Graham. THESE people are heroes. They get no glory, they live very simply, and in Haiti you don't get many thanks ... they just do it for God and they do it without complaint.

Pray for the Zachary family & their ministry in Cazale when they come to mind.