Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday Again

For as little outside entertainment and crazed scheduling as there is here ... we are still surprised at how quickly the days fly by. July is around the corner, we have lived here almost six months ... how crazy. Troy mentioned that it seemed like time should have stood still, so to come home to MN to summer weather was odd to him.

This is a photo of Paige and her friend Caroline. They are both 11.

This morning Pastor Rony came up to our house to find out "When is Mr. Troy coming home?" We told him and he nodded approvingly. He said, "I cannot have communion today because I forgot to get wine. We can have it next Sunday." Calling what is served for communion "wine" would be a huge stretch. It is more along the lines of a really strong, maybe old, Viks 44 cough medicine, mixed with Bactine Anticeptic. The label on the bottle has a big muscle guy lifting a huge barbell. It is a strange beverage.

But, in a country where the wedding celebration drink has rubbing alcohol in it, it is not surprising that the communion beverage burns your esophagus as it goes down. These people are MUCH hardier than us! We are off to church now. Have a great Sunday!