Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday's Random Ramblings

Happy Friday!

We are the manners police with our children. You get nothing if you do not say "please" and "thank-you." I thought it was funny when Noah came up to me to say "Mama, I poooooped ... change it." (a sign that he ought to be potty trained?) Hope, overheard this request and said "Noah, say PLEASE change it!" "You know that."

Other ways we have rubbed off on Hope... She watched Noah pour a glass of water then without finishing it he dropped his cup into the sink. Hope said "NOAH! We pay for that water, you need to drink what you pour." Poor Noah, he has no chance with so many mean mom's around.

We sent 400-some diapers on the container in December. I thought I planned for enough to get the boy potty trained, but we are down to about 12 diapers and he is nowhere near ready. I have looked a few places and had trouble finding diapers here for bigger butt babies ... I'll keep looking, or maybe you have ideas on how to potty train your 27 month old in less than three days?

Troy says that Dengue is Malaria's evil step-sister. He is in MN scratching his skin off...sounds really appealing doesn't it? I am hoping he wakes up and tells us his deep observations about being back in MN and a full list of the food he is eating. My mom is on a mission to help him gain a few lbs. and get his buns back.

We are headed out for a few hours of swimming at the beach, once Noah wakes up from his early cat-nap. "Beach ministry", I think that's what it's called. ;-)

We love you Troy. It is weird to be here without you.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and love ... and encouragement. Our friends and family are too good to us. We always want you to know how much we appreciate each and every one of you!