Friday, June 02, 2006

"Kennedy" - Installment One

A long time ago we promised we were working on a post of all the funny & entertaining t-shirts we see as we go about our business here.

Ever since we promised that, we are placing great pressure on ourselves to come up with photos of all the greatest shirts in the country. This self-imposed pressure has gotten to be TOO much. Often we find we are without a camera when we see a great shirt.

Here is what we have decided...

Once in a while we will post one shirt. The posts will always be called "Kennedy." Installment one is below. (For the sensitive folks in the crowd, we are not mocking the person wearing the shirt, they have no idea what it says because it is in English, we are chuckling at the shirt, not the person.)

Back in the 1960's, President Kennedy sponsored a program that sent machine oil, among other things, to Haiti. The Haitians tried to use the oil for other purposes, such as cooking, and concluded that the gift was of inferior quality. Ever since then, the president's name has been synonymous here with secondhand and/or shoddy goods.

As you go through the marketplaces you see vendor after vendor selling both used and new clothing. Used clothing is much more affordable. If you buy a used t-shirt, it is usually something that came from the United States, it has been broken in for you. A Kennedy if you will.