Tuesday, June 06, 2006

She is Off on an Adventure

I cannot remember Britt being so hyper in a long time. She left early this morning to go work with the cool people (Zachary Family) in Cazale for today and tomorrow. Hopefully she will get to see lots of interesting cases and learn a few things that might help her with her La Digue First Aid Clinic.

It has been neat to watch her interest in all things medical increase and to see God's big hand pointing her in this direction.

I miss her when she is gone ... partly because I miss her and partly because Peanut puts on a big pout when Britt goes. As soon as she sees Britt packing a bag she starts acting like a weirdo ... pouting is one thing, pooping on the floor because you are mad ... come on now. Imagine if people did that when they were ticked. Jerk dog.

The flu has left the building. Woo Hoo.