Friday, June 09, 2006

Kennedy - Installment Two

Admittedly, we used the very best Kennedy on our first Kennedy post ... poor planning on our part, it is like reading the last page of a suspense novel first ... sort of wrecking the fun of building anticipation.

We are on a quest to top Kennedy - installment one, but it could be a long while. Here is our second offering. This is one of our gate guys, Kevny. When you want to take a photo of someone, purely for your own selfish desire to laugh at their shirt ... you need to be strategic, Britt helped me out with this one.

Back in the 1960’s, President Kennedy sponsored a program that sent machine oil, among other things, to Haiti. The Haitians tried to use the oil for other purposes, such as cooking, and concluded that the gift was of inferior quality. Ever since then, the president’s name has been synonymous here with secondhand and/or shoddy goods.

As you go through the marketplaces you see vendor after vendor selling both used and new clothing. If you buy a used t-shirt, it is usually something that came from the USA, it has been broken in for you. A Kennedy if you will.