Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Tropical Ulcer"

Britt had been trying since April to get this guy fixed
up. There have been some communication issues along the way.

At one time, early in treating him we sent photos to a nurse in Tityan who said she thought it was a "tropical ulcer"- at that point Paige started calling him that, so when he would show up every other day to get his leg cleaned and re-dressed, Paige would yell "Britt, Tropical Ulcer is here."

He refuses to go see a Doctor because he does not want to spend money on it. The one time we convinced him to go, they really did nothing for him ... so, he came back here.

The employees here at Lifeline claim he has had this open wound on his leg for five years. That seems unbelievable to us but they are adamant.

When questioned about how it started or what caused this problem, we have heard cancer, a dog bite, and a work injury.

The worst part is the swelling it causes, this guy has no left ankle. It used to be very infected, through routine cleaning and dressing and an antibiotic, Britt was able to see some improvement, and a lot of shrinkage in the size of the open wound.

Last week when Britt went to Cazale they gave her a medicated bandage to try, so we are anxious to see if it might finally close up with this new bandage. We are sparing you the up-close photos, it is not too pretty.