Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Drive Time Radio

Recently on the drive back from Port I scanned the local radio stations. I heard preaching in Creole, preaching in French, Spanish Troubadors, someone yelling in an unknown language, Haitian Kompa (like Reggae with Hispanic influence), and a funeral service being broadcast. Then I found some classical music, and that passed the time well. My Haitian friend Mirelien seemed to enjoy it also. After the classical tune was over, the next song was by Leann Rimes. "How Do I Live Without You". I started to wonder about the programming choices of the station I had found, but let me tell you - that song has never sounded so pretty. Four months ago I would have switched the station immediately, but today it sounded like the greatest song ever recorded. After months without hearing much American music or songs in English, a recognizable tune to sing along with was a welcome relief. I found myself relaxing and forgetting the troubles all around, even if just for a few minutes before the next song started. It was Celine Dion, and I had to turn the radio off.

I'm not that desperate.