Thursday, June 15, 2006

"God's Day" ???

There is no school today. It is a holiday. When we inquired about the holiday, we were told it is "God's Day." Thursday, June 15th ... God's Day. We thought you should know.

Isn't everyday God's Day? Who knew there was one day, that was more His - than another?

Not us.

Upon further internet research, we learned it is Corpus Christi Day ... some sort of religious holiday connected back through the Catholic Church. We need to learn more.

You learn something new every day.

On God's day, we humbly request further prayers if we come to mind.
  • Troy is running a fever, having chills and other issues.
  • Jason is sick. (Both are on the way to the Dr. as I type.)
  • Hope got the flu a second time last night, or just threw up for sport???
  • Noah is the heat rash man ... we are managing the itching but it does not go away.
  • Ongoing prayers that the generator keeps doing what it needs to do.

Thank you for following us via this blog, thank you for loving us. This is just another bump in the road and we know God can ... or, as our tough and faithful Haitian friends say, "BONDYE KAPAB!"