Friday, June 16, 2006

Introducing Family No. 3

The word is out that we are asking questions and getting to know the story of some of our employee's families. Now people are asking to tell us about their family. It is great! Yesterday, Paige interviewed her favorite teacher here about her family story.

This is the family of TWO teachers that teach in the Lifeline school, they are sisters with the same father. In the photo above the middle lady is Madame Bozor, she teaches Kindergarten. The lady to the right is Gisele, she assistant teaches the pre-school class. The lady on the left is another sister, that does not work for Lifeline. Her name is Maxiany.

Their dad is another important leader in the village, he does not have quite the clout that Adam has but he is still well respected.

Here are the 12 children of Oxonne Armand: (with a few different wives/women)

The oldest, is 40, Evanotte (Mme Bozor to us) Then there is, Jackson, Roline, Andreq, Almica, Ginette, Melina, Gisele, Maxiany, Marise, Josette, and Dominique.

Age range of the 12 kids belonging to Oxonne is 40 to 19 years old.

Mme Bozor has a different mom than Gisele and Maxiany. The three sisters shown above all have other siblings by their mother(s). These are just the siblings they have from their father.

It should be no mystery why there are 8.5 million people on this island. :)