Thursday, June 08, 2006

Email from Britt

Just received this email below, from Britt ... she is loving her exciting life!

MOM! Okay, first things first -- this morning a lady came in w/ some sort of a cyst, but not really, it was just a hard tough place in her leg -- not really even sticking out at all -- but she said it hurt. lori cut it open and it was this pea sized piece of cartilage or something -- real hard. so lori started stitching (it only was gonna need 3) and she did the first two and told me to put sterile gloves on, well i got over there and she had cut out her stitches so I DID all three!! woot woot, talk about a serious high. it was so awesome. i cant believe i didnt mess up majorly (i had some issues w/ the first one but otherwise it was okay)
It gets better --- there is a lady here, 9 months pregnant w/ contractions 5 min apart. MOM! What if she doesn't have it by 3 when we need to leave here and she has it at like 4? I wish we lived closer --- how cool would that be?? I've never seen anything be born and i would just die if i got to be there. tell me what you think -- maybe dad will have more stuff to do in Port. (i hope) But if it's gonna be like 7 tonight i understand if you just want me to come's her first child and she's really scared. woofta, she's 24. wow -- well im gonna go. just stopped in the house to get something to drink. love you!