Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekend Outlook

Today, Saturday plans-

We are climbing to Petit Bwa with an interpreter to go meet the rest of Sophia's siblings, (except the one who is a servant and does not live up there.) We hope to get some photos to share with you all. (Photo shows the dusty, windy path to Petit Bwa.)

In the afternoon we might be able to go see Sophia.

Sunday- Troy is leading worship at our Port au Prince church. This means waking at about 4:45 and leaving the house to go to rehearsal at about 6am ... to arrive at 7:30 or 7:45. I am sure we will be a bunch of cheery people. Do you ever notice that Sunday morning are crabby mornings? We all plan to fight against the Sunday morning B.A. (bad attitude.) Last time we did this we made Troy late and he was not too impressed with any of us. We are going to go to bed early and try not to disappoint him this week.

Random things in closing-
  • We are adjusted to Haiti's heat. It is not hard to sleep at night, we sweat less now in Summer, than we did when we first moved here in winter. But, anyone with Porter genes sweats more. Thanks Grandma Porter, for passing on this great family trait, the gift that keeps on giving. It reaches the upper 90's each day, without exception now.
  • Paige & Britt are both in their last three weeks of school, motivation is hard to come by right now, pray that we just work hard and get it done already.
  • My sweat in Haiti smells like Elmer's glue, Troy agrees. Why would that be?
  • We don't have a team until the end of July. Lifeline school lets out in two weeks.
  • We think the blog thing is fun. We (especially I) love writing. BUT, it is one-way communication. We tell every dumb thing about what is going on in our lives but we only have three or four people reporting back on their lives. We need more information from all of you ... S'ak Pase Zanmi Mwen? (What's happening friends of mine?)
  • Jeff Penton, thanks for your on-going commitment to keeping us up to date on the USA sports scene.
  • Have a really good weekend, thank-you for your continued support, we appreciate it.