Thursday, June 01, 2006

Paige Weighs In

Well, I have been having a lot of fun teaching some of the kids a little bit of English. Some of the kids get naughty and mock me, when they do that I go get Tipap to kick them out of my class. That helps the other ones take it more seriously.

I teach the class on Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm. Right now I have about twenty kids who want to come. I usually kick three out. The naughty kids.

They know all 12 months. They can count to 15 or 20 in English now and are able to ask some basic questions like:
How old are you?
What is your name?
How are you?

The ones that really do well can ask:
When is your birthday?
When do you go to bed?
Where are you from?
Where do you live?

They are learning lots of questions. Now I have to teach them to understand the answers they might hear.

Just as a test I was asking them how old they were and they were supposed to answer in English. One girl did not know. The other kids were telling me she did not know. She really did not know and it was not embarassing to her because lots of kids don't know. The ones that do know don't celebrate it, they just happen to know what month and year they were born in. They don't usually know the actual day.

School gets out in a couple weeks. I am thinking about having my English class all summer. I think some of the kids are serious about it so they will come even though it is summertime.

I am still loving living in Haiti even though it is very hot here now. It is fun.