Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Off to MN

Maybe you are giving me too much credit. I actually did not send Troy off without a little melt-down. The melt-down was controlled and I kept myself from flailing on the ground kicking and screaming in a tantrum of Noah-like proportions. So, that's good, right?
One part of me really, really wanted Troy to leave. Just to finally be done with eight weeks of almost non-stop sickness, and to get some answers. The other part of me really hates being separated from Troy. That is the bigger part.He is a good best friend, I like being with him. He is cute. He is nicer than me.He makes me laugh.
It all boiled down to one major problem that cannot be denied: I am not good at long-term sympathy. I'm just not. The poor guy felt so awful anytime he did more than move out of bed for an hour and I am like "So, when are you gonna be better then?" "Are you better?" "What about now?" I hate that about me. I can feel sorry for you only until it becomes a nuisance to me that you are ill. What a crappy trait.He needed to leave just to get away from my pressure.