Monday, June 26, 2006

Fever Boy Update

A few have written asking for Troy's health update.
TROY, where is the love? Write something to us, pleeeeease.

They have basically confirmed that it is/was DENGUE FEVER.

Dengue takes quite a while to be done but Troy is finished with the worst of it. The Haitians call it "La Fyev zo Kraze" or "the fever that breaks the bones" ---- so what Troy experienced when his hands were in so much pain and were clenching into fists was exactly that ... break-bone pain.

Right now he says he just gets tired easier, sort of like he is 81 years old instead of 31 and he has a lot of skin irritation and itching. The fevers have stopped coming and going and he is no longer sick to his stomach. He also said the body aches are improving every day. He felt well enough yesterday to go to our Minnesota church and play guitar and sing during worship so things are greatly improved. We are thanking God for that and expectant of a time of good health.

There are not that many mosquito-borne illnesses left for him to try out anyway. ;-)

He returns to Haiti on Wednesday, leaving Minneapolis early in the morning and arriving to Haiti at 4:30 in the afternoon. There are at least six people here that are pretty excited about that.