Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Update on Troy-Boy

For those of you wondering what was decided about Troy ...
First he decided not to come home because he seemed to be getting a little better. That lasted 12+ hours. Then Monday morning was sort of rough, and now he has decided to go to MN for a week to A.) see a tropical/infectious disease Doctor B.) rest in an air-conditioned/quiet place.

Troy recovered from Malaria and the stomach flu just in time to get something new and we are just ready to be done with illness already! So, after M and D sprung for the airline ticket, it was an easy choice, and without a doubt a better place to rest and relax. He is traveling all day Tuesday. The rest of us, we will hold down the fort and pray he gets better and comes back fast.

Through wonderful connections/friendships with cool people in MN & Iowa, we have secured an appt. and found the best place to go. Thanks Marcia, Dr. Jen and Dr. Steen! You guys are so great. (These two ladies were strangers six weeks ago, that is how God works ... putting people in place right where/when they are needed. God is good like that.)

Troy is hanging in there. We are idiots without a clue, but we think he has Dengue Fever and it will just be best for him to get out of town for awhile and lay low. If anyone in MN takes him golfing, or suggests anything stupid like that ... I will hunt you down and hurt you. I live in Haiti, I have access to machetes of varying sizes. I am begging you, (Matt this means you) please let him rest, don't tempt him to be a dummy. Even if he feels better later in the week. No tempting.

Now that that's out of the way. I thought I would share that even though more than once in the last seven days Troy was sure he was dying ... he still has his sense of humor, as evidenced by this email to his friend who is a Doctor in Iowa.

From: "Troy Livesay"
To: "'Jamie Steen'"
Subject: Dr in the house
Date:Fri, 16 Jun 2006 21:25:14 -0400

Thanks for all the prayers, help and advice. Still haven’t decided what to do, going to sleep on it and pray some more.

Just so you know, this is all just to further increase your popularity and standing in the medical community. I have been using my body as a testing site for new strains of tropical diseases. I have named this current experiment “denguephoidlaria”. I’ll see if I can duplicate it for you for research purposes when I return to the States. Would you like a stool sample? Let me know.

Love ya,