Monday, October 16, 2006

Delivering a Baby in the Third World

My friend Sarah asked about giving birth in Haiti. I still have some things to learn in that area, but from what I have seen, heard and read the majority of women in Haiti will have their baby in their own home without help.

The Boston Globe story I link to below, states that only 24% of deliveries in Haiti will have skilled medical personnel in attendance.

According to this article, women are 200 times more likely to die giving birth here then in the USA.

The ladies here in LaDigue tell us they will "do it alone," there is one woman in town (sort of the village doula) that some people have help them, we are not sure what her qualifications are.

I would be scared to have a baby without help. I cannot even fathom it in a clean, safe enviroment. To deliver a baby alone, in this heat, laying on a cement or dirt floor, is almost too much for me to comprehend.