Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Afternoon

Hope is hanging tough. She has a lot of Haitian toughness and moxie. We keep asking how she is and she says in her little tiny mouse voice, " I'm fine."

I think all of us are far more tired out than her ... my arm muscles are sore from fighting her. My eyes are sore from being awake thinking about the whole thing. Tonight we are just laying low and enjoying our last few hours with our friends .... which I don't even want to think about because I hate to see them go --- the week went fast.

Troy and I met with Hope's birthmom, she knows we are taking the baby and we talked a little bit today and started trying to find the important documents she needs to have.

Sitting with her always stirs deep emotions. I just cannot imagine being her. Her life is so hard and mine is so easy. I love her and I wish I could fix it all for her. Her mannerisms and soft voice and beauty remind me so much of Hope. She is one of the prettiest pregnant ladies I have ever seen. She's so tiny, even 9 months pregnant. The meeting went very well, thank you for praying.

We took photos and will get them up soon. After further discussion, guessing and unscientific estimating ---- we *think* the baby may not arrive till mid November or even as late as December 1. And of course, we're totally making it up. So who knows? My mom and dad come on November 25 so maybe they will be here when the little person arrives.