Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunday Night

By Tara-

We enjoyed a great family day of rest. We had cloud cover all day. Because it is different, it comes as a welcome change. Some friends from a nearby orphanage in Bercy stopped in late this afternoon. Later, Lindsay, Britt and I went for a quick run to the end of the road and back.

Tomorrow we head to Port for team groceries. And if all the stars are lined up, and the breeze is blowing from the south seas, maybe, just maybe, the generator that was purchased before we were born will be available for pick up.

The 'fall back' thing ... Well, just as we experienced in April --- no one really knows which time we are following. In a few days we will all agree on something I suppose. My computer tells me it is 9:30 but my neighbors say it is 10:30. Either way, I am headed to bed to watch Jack Bauer save the world from terrorists soon.

It pains me to be redundant, but just to keep things clear for newer readers, this is a family blog. It began as a way to reassure our friends and family, Britt and Paige's Dads, and others who were concerned and wanted to know what we were doing. Grandmas and Grandpas want to see photos of their grandchildren. It is an easy way for them to check in on us. It has evolved into a fun thing, we learned we enjoy writing and want to share stories and photos. It is a great way to document our time here. It is a way for our supporters to know what they are supporting.

Blogs are basically on-line journals. Everything is editorial. It is just our opinion, we recognize you will either take it or leave it. We're not a news organization, we're a stupid blog.

We have absolutely no delusions about what we are offering down here. We won't fix anything. We will offer a little love and a little hope and a few solutions here and there. Overall, we won't even scratch the surface of the deeper issues of poverty and corruption.

The only thing we are doing successfully is following what we believe firmly the Lord has called us to do for this season. We don't expect everyone to understand that. For those that don't, we have a hard time understanding why they would waste time on our blog, reading our simple-minded thoughts.

Contrary to one person's criticism, we do not think Haiti is hopeless, why would we be here if we thought that? Sometimes it feels that way, when surrounded by so much poverty, so little infastructure, and many years of poor government management -- but that is not true. There is always hope.

Haiti is beautiful. Look at the photos, the people are stunning, the landscape is gorgeous. It was once called "The Pearl of the Antilles." Haitians are amazingly strong, they have much to offer if given a chance.

But, here is the thing-

Some will say we are not helping enough, others will say we are "rice missionaries" just doling out charity and offering no sustainable solution. Others say fully sustainable organizations do not exist here ... the ones that come close are still funded outside of Haiti. Some will say we are not sharing the gospel enough, others would say we are pushing our religion down the throats of the Haitian people. Some will take issue with Britt doing what she is doing without a degree in nursing, others would be horrified if we turned the injuries away when we had the supplies and skills to help. Some laugh at our dependence on God, others think we are not very Godly and gasp at the crap I say, or admit to thinking.

The point is, not everyone agrees about what organizations, ministries or missionaries should be here. Secular organizatations have a real problem with Christian missions. Some of their reasons are valid, some are huge generalizations made due to biases against people of faith.

There is not much we can say to someone who thinks we ought not be here. There is not much we SHOULD say for that matter. Without Christ, our lives would be without hope. With Him all things are possible. We believe that with every fiber of our being. One day we will look into the eyes of a loving Father and we can only hope and pray that He will say "well done."

Heck, if He says, "You didn't totally screw everything up," that would be enough for me.

We would just respectfully ask that if you want to tell us you don't like the way we operate, that you email us and share your identity. We are not anonymous, we are laying it out there and the very least you could do is enter into debate with us using your name.

Change US Lord. We want to be more like you. Amen.