Monday, October 30, 2006

Four Years Ours

We love you SO much!!!

Isaac and Hope became Livesays and U.S. Citizens four years ago yesterday. They arrived in Minnesota October 30, after spending their first night as citizens in Miami with their happy, tired, shocked, drained and immeasurably blessed parents.

Hope had been with us since September 25th, on a medical visa for Kidney surgery, but she was not officially ours until the second time back in Miami, with an adoption visa in hand.

Here is one of the reasons our experience in Miami with our precious new kids was surreal. Read this story from the day we landed on American soil, with our beautiful Haitian Sensations.

We got to our hotel. It did not seem possible to us that they were legally ours, we were incredulous to turn on the TV and watch that story unfolding live. The boat arrived on shore after eight days at sea. We arrived after 90 minutes in the air. They would be sent back. Hope and Isaac would not. The desperation was mind-numbing and difficult to watch. Seeing all of those people be caught and arrested, then later returned ... on the very same day our kids became legal citizens. It was heavy stuff, heartwrenching stuff. We sat in our hotel room crying for joy and sorrow all at once.