Friday, October 06, 2006


Oh my goodness. We are listening to this MN football game on-line, live. The announcer just said "If you are listening in Haiti," (I believe a certain coach tipped him off.) "You better go get another drink with an umbrella in it and let it all go." HA HA HA ... I think they are picturing a tropical paradise island resort or something. Good times, good times.

The Rangers are getting schooled tonight. That is bad enough --- but worse yet, we are FRESH OUT of little tiny umbrellas. Maybe our server will come around with a new round of drinks soon though.

Oh, and the announcer pronounced it "HI Eat EEEE" ... How did he come up with that pronunciation?

Blog traffic is slower on the weekends, but even so I am guessing someone who reads will be able to make a little time to toss a prayer up for Noah. He came down with a high fever (103.0) quickly right at bedtime. If he still has the fever in the morning we will try to find a lab to take him to tomorrow.

Isaac looks like he got jumped by a gang, other than the swelling and bruising, (oh and not being able to open that one eye) he seems cheery and fine. He played outside and acted normal by afternoon.

We are heading into Port at 6am to go see our friends, Erik and Nicole Vik. They are going home with their daughter tomorrow. They met her on Thursday and got her visa today. Erik is a high school friend of Troy's and was our 'best man' when we got married. We could not be more excited for them to be taking their Haitian Sensation back to Minnesota with them. Yay God!

Speaking of adoptions, for all adoptive parents ... see the dreaded IBESR office. Now you can visualize their spectacular signage while you are praying for the people to get to work signing your documents. The building is even less impressive than the sign.

Oh, gotta run...the cabana boy just showed up with my umbrella-laden cocktail.