Monday, October 02, 2006

Snapshot of Monday Morning

We are night people. We love staying up talking and reading, working on-line or watching Alias ... going to bed early is not our thing. Last night I gave up around 11:30. Troy finally came to bed at 1am.

The five a.m. wake-up hurts a little bit more when you act like a foolish child and go to bed after midnight. No sympathy expected. Really. We know better.

Troy came back in at 7:40am, he looked like a truck hit him. He said the line was long and the requests were varied, his head was very full.

Two hours and forty minutes of craziness complete, he shared what was bumming him out the most. Each week the Feeding Program uses five to six large tanks of propane. Once a week an employee of ours who has a tap-tap business goes into Port (or to St.Marc) to get the tanks refilled. The drive is two hours one way. He takes five and leaves three for the cooks to work with.

This morning he was to leave early and be back midway through today's food preparation to swap almost empty tanks for full ones. His tap-tap is broken down so he could not go. By the time Troy learned the employee was not going, it was too late for him to go and make it back in time to be helpful. He pulled a tank from the second missionary house and added it to the canteen, and hurried to load the empty tanks and head to Port au Prince. He has to go to Port tomorrow for school book shopping, leaving him less than thrilled to be driving in today. Port is a challenge even when fully rested and energetic.

He called a bit ago. I said "What's up?" He said, "I am sitting still doing nothing." "Eko Gas is out of gas. They *think* they might have some by 1pm, so I went to grab diapers and fruit for you but the store is closed for some unknown reason and they *think* they will open around noon." He is waiting at John & Beth's hoping the magical propane fairy shows up and the grocery store decides they want to open.

So, the kids at Lifeline are eating chewy undercooked rice today and Troy is "sitting still," going slowly crazy.

Right before he hung up he said "Oh, guess what, Beanne (Hope's birthmom) was here." Then he gave no details and the connection got bad and now of course I have eight billion questions that I cannot have answered. SOOOO, that makes two of us going slowly, slowly crazy.

My mom and sister are shopping for the baby today. How exciting is that? Then our friends will get the stuff down to us when they come later this week and later this month.

I am vacillating between total excitement mixed with normal nervous energy and freaking out about the forty logistics that I have ZERO control over. Like, when is this baby due? I just have to *wonder* if he or she will be born late this week, or not until November. How does one act calm in this situation? If it comes today, I have no clothes, diapers, bottles, formula, or bed for him/her.

The only thing we have is a name. It's a start I guess.

Note to self: Calm down. Stop. Freaking. Out. Calm. Down. Now.

We are considering having Britt and Paige take over as interim directors of the mission. Calm, sane and capable girls that they are, it seems like they might be the best suited for the job today. ;-) Have a good Monday!