Saturday, October 28, 2006

Random things...

...That are entertaining us this evening.

I am reading blogs and email. Here are some of my favorites from this evening.

This story made me teary, it is probably old but I like it. It's about a kid who was labeled a 'vegetable,' but his parents did not buy it. The dad later helped him feel like he could run, swim and bike --- even though he has no control of his arms or legs. Watch the video. It is a very cool story.

This is interesting to people with more than the socially acceptable number of children: In Haiti, five or six kids is not going to impress anyone, or cause them to tell you that you have lost your mind or that you 'have your hands full' ---- but, for those of you stuck in the judgmental USA, you might find this link helpful.

We are so happy to share deep thoughts, honest feeling, silly stories ... we are realizing that it is a risk to be honest ---- sometimes it means people will feel they know you and that leads them to believe they can or should judge you, point out your flaws, etc. We can handle comments and judgments. We plan to keep sharing what is on our hearts and minds. It is a risk worth taking, even knowing the internet is often an unkind place.

Yesterday 'anonymous' wrote and called us "renegade missionaries" and then went on to say it was missionaries 'like us' that hold Haiti down. I for one, got a kick out of that - who knew *we* were holding the entire country down? All along I thought it was poverty, years of corruption, coup d' etat after coup d' etat, deforestation, etc, etc. The whole thing was based out of anger that Britt is attempting to offer medical help. It said "Having an 8 year old working on patients is not good enough for people in the USA so why should it be good enough for Haitians?" Well, anonymous, it is not good enough -- DUH!!! But it is better than nothing . Allow me to ask you what the other options are? Also, we don't have any 8 year olds in our house. Get it right. Thank you for your comment. Frankly, you have no idea what you are talking about. I'm happy to further explain medicine (and the total lack of it) in Haiti, just email me, we'll exchange ideas.

Lindsay is here. Cute as a button, she is. Britt and Paige are talking her ear off.

Here is a cool blog I have been reading for about six months. Her current post is about adoption, with links to your comments, I thought you adoptive parents might like to check it out.

Peace Out-

Missions is a great sanctifier of character. Our motives are cleansed along the way. We want to go out and change the world with the Gospel but as we go, the Lord changes us in order to change the world. (Quote from Elijah Company newsletter called the Great Commission)
(An accurate one in our opinion.)

Change me Lord.