Thursday, October 05, 2006

Professor Paige Back at It

By Paige:

Hi All,

Yes, I have started teaching again! I was sick of the girls nagging at me, but when they stoped nagging I really did want to have class again. This is the second week of class (yesterday). This week went great! We had a rocky start because all the girls wanted to have class 2 times a week. Well, I have just decided that it would be better to start with one class per week and if it keeps going well I will do 2. One of the girls said. "See you monday for class?" I Said "NO! Just Wednesday for now."

Well long story, but then she said that she would rather not come at all then come just Wednesday, and that it was my fault. I ingored her. She came back anyway though. I was kind of sad that she was being so bossy, so I am glad she decided not to be stubborn.

In this most recent class we were learning about verbs and nouns. I was a little nervous because I did not know if they knew what they were in Creole. But it was great.

Have a good day!