Sunday, October 22, 2006


E-MAIL RCV'D from a friend from church in MN-

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 09:04:49 -0500
From: Marcy
To: Troy/Tara Livesay
Subject: Re: from Marcy 10/18/06
Just a note to see if all is well in LaDigue. I've been missing your daily blog entries and wondering if there is something to be concerned about other than a non-functioning computer or no power.Will be praying that all is well.

Tara- Troy, Marcy is worried about us. Have the blog entries been *that* odd/different/lacking in substance?

Troy- What? Let me see. Huh. Weird. Oooooh, I bet she needs to hit refresh.

Tara- Ok, well I will write her and let her know we're fine and to try that.

PEBCAK- In the business, the official tech-support diagnosis:
Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard

Marcy, we might be poking fun at you, but really, it touched us that you were missing us and took the time to check on our situation. It is good to be loved.

Love to all from LaDigue-

T & T