Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Peanut Stuff

Blog Category: Interesting to some, but maybe not to most.

Noah (the always topless and usually pantless child) has taken to calling Peanut, "Doginess" we find this odd since we never have. It seems that 'Doginess' is now dangerously close to being the same size as an average adult male. (Not that Troy is average ... I think he is exceptional.) We're talking height and weight.

Peanut needs to get to the vet in the next few weeks. I have it on good authority that Troy will go to the vet, WITH camera in hand to show you all, what a vet's office in a third world country looks like. The last time we went the Vet went gloveless for all exams, and we mean ALL. Then he used a pen and handed it to me.

Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer to the rescue.

When you walk into the vet's exam room, it feels like you are entering 1950. Nothing about the room says that much has changed in the last 60 years. Did they wear gloves back then?

Vet report avek photos, coming soon. For the dog lovers, here she is ten months old and you now have your to-scale photos, showing you exactly how monstrous her doginess is getting.