Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday Morning

This morning Troy is leading/teaching Pastor's training, I went to take some photos of his cuteness but I am just not able to use that fancy camera of his. I quit trying after ten shots all looked lame. One of the Pastor's was in a motorcycle accident on the way here and Britt is working on stitching him up, it was a long curved cut so it will take a few hours.

Please pray for a couple friends of ours ... Mark, who has the same name as a bad-guy-fugitive and was held in Miami yesterday because of it. He is the furthest thing from a bad guy, but the law does not seem to care. I guess this has happened to him before. Also, Amie and Tim who have a few things going on that are difficult ... health and adoption related. Any prayers for these friends are appreciated.

There are weird things happening with the comments ... like really weird. At first I thought Britt or Paige were commenting, but then it seems like anonymous commentors have our sign in name, its just weird. Blogger is flaky and sometimes it seems possessed. If you comment, we get them in our email box, but sometimes we cannot get them to publish.Other times the same comment goes up multiple times. We moderate because we don't want any nasty stuff up and there are programs on the internet that advertise by commenting (some automated thing) on blogs. Below is a comment that we get about six times a day, a non-icky one. Moderating comments is the way to go. The internet is not such a friendly, wholesome place sometimes.

"One of the niftiest pages I have seen fall along. Magnificent merely magnificent." HUH? Whatever.