Thursday, October 12, 2006

Early Morning Thoughts

We are done with Alias season four. Decent show, just waaaaay over the top. Like a girl can win every fight she is ever in with any opponent on the face of the earth. Now we are on to '24' with Keifer Sutherland, and that is why I am awake at 12:59am. That show is insane -intense- scaryness. It takes me an hour to calm down after watching it.

Everyone is really starting to get anxious for the baby to be born. The battle rages on over the boy vs. girl preferences but mostly everyone is just excited to meet this new little person.
We are getting our adoption lab work done on Thursday, every check we make on the list feels good.

I love adoption. To me, it is every bit as exciting as waiting on a biological child. I know for women who struggle with infertility I sound like a jerk, and I don't minimize that pain, but adoption is such a unique experience. It has God's fingerprints all over it.

I understand that it is something not everyone readily accepts or finds exciting. I often wonder if we had been more successful having bio kids if we wouldn't feel sort of indifferent towards it too. Maybe you need to have a successful run at adoption to appreciate how neat it is. I'm so glad we have been blessed to go this route to grow our family, we are very lucky!

John says our birthmom is 100% steady and sure of her decision. It seems like she is probably due around the first of November. She is checking in with him fairly often. Because she is 43 and having her eighth child ... also the fifth she has chosen to place for adoption, John is very gently asking her if she would like financial help to have a tubal ligation. In this country of complete poverty an option like that is actually a great thing. We hope she will choose that route for the sake of her own health and so that she will not have to carry, only to place, yet another baby. Obviously it is her choice, but it seems right to at least offer.

A family in our village just recently brought their three year old into Port to place her in an orphanage. The mom is pregnant and they have many other children but this three year old is a sickly child so they felt they could not care for her and the others with this new one coming.
Those are choices I will never feel necessary or forced to make. It is such a profoundly sad thing.

Sometimes I am amazed that the Lord finds us qualified for this life. Not only the work here in Haiti, but the beautiful tribe He has given us to raise. Okay, all the time I am amazed. No sooner do I say type that then realize that, when given the reigns, He can qualify anyone for anything. In HIM we are more than conquerors. It does not matter that we're not qualified. He is.