Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What Day Is It?

After the Tuesday holiday we're all upside down here. It seems like Sunday.

Troy is off to Port au Prince for a day of patience testing. (The capacity to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without becoming angry or upset.) Troy can have Port au Prince. Blech. He's got the moxie and fortitude to persevere without tears and hopefully, without rage. (Drive in Port traffic for a day to learn more about your rage within.)

Thankfully, I am home keeping command of all things domestic. I prefer doing the more predictable work of wiping butts and noses, fielding the barrage of visitors with varying needs, and reading 6th grade History. Plus, I favor avoiding a caffeine crisis. The supply at home is reliable.

The 9:25 am list of troubles that have presented themselves: cut leg, head-ache, need water, need keys, need sugar, need to be paid, need to find a dustpan, need to take a kid to the Dr. ... all things caffeine and I could handle.

Oh, and our banana dealer came and went without incident. Today's delivery was 13. The users in our home ought to blow through that supply in no time. Supply rarely meets demand, our dealer needs only one customer; Noah.

This I hestitate to say, for fear of jinxing it. But, it looks like the generator that was purchased in early July, might actually be available for delivery early next week. It is out of customs, just ten short weeks after we were told it went in. I'll believe it when I see it.

There is little other news to report. We continue to hear once weekly from our birhtmother, via John. Our little baby things are washed and ready. We still only know that the baby is coming by mid November-ish, probably before. I am currently rollicking in the last few days (or weeks?) of disruption free sleep.

Beginning with good friends arriving Saturday, we will have one to twelve guests with us each day, through the 7th of November. *We* think baby 'whats-his/her-name' ought to remain safe and sound in utero until about November 8, when we can receive him/her without distraction. That seems improbable.

It may prove to be a interesting, if not challenging, few weeks. Bondye Konn,Bondye Kapab! - God knows,God can!

Have a great Sunday!?!?!