Friday, October 13, 2006

No Thanks, This Lover is Not going to the Corner

The Lover's Corner is not for me. I know for a fact hotel's in Haiti do not use mattress pads and I will not allow only a sheet to separate me from any mattress, let alone a mattress in a hotel called "Lovers corner." I like my hotels to have a few more amenities than the Lovers Corner Hotel. (You know, water, electricity, clean bedding.)

It was a really nice offer though. ;-) Thanks Troy for trying.

So since we are not going, instead we are figuring out how to put VIDEO on the blog ... which has been an ongoing process, but thanks to Michelle we think we figured it out. Troy is trying to get the kids to act nice for 30 seconds and when that happens we will have our first video offering on the blog.

Paige needs someone to help her. She has been scandalized by the use of the word 'sexy' and needs to be convinced that the word is not nearly as offensive to all of you, as it is to her. I meant highly appealing, but she says highly appealing is also too risque.

She suggested I use another word, like "good." Troy, you are good. There Paige, are you happy?
One cool story worth sharing. God provides through His people and today we learned that our deductible for medical bills is going to be covered by our home church in Minnesota. We are so amazed and blessed. Yay God. (And thanks New Joy Church!)