Thursday, October 05, 2006

IT's A ...

These babies are far too pink to resemble the one we are watching and waiting for.

We thought it was funny that two different people emailed on Wednesday referring to our baby as a girl. One said "I heard you are adopting Hope's sister." and the other said "What will you name her?"

Not sure where those ideas came from or if it is some sort of prophetic peek into the womb?

We don't know what sex the baby is. We know that there is a baby... That is is coming sometime. That we might get to be its mommy and daddy and sisters and brothers, if that is what God works out.

We have a 100% sure girl name and a 98% sure boy name. Since I constantly blabber all things personal and intimate I am holding the trump card on this one and not telling the names. My lips are sealed.

Isaac and Noah are lobbying hard for a boy. They will hear nothing of a little sister. The rest of us are kind of partial to a little girl.