Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More Rice Marketing

Back at THIS POST we learned that with Tchacko (rice) "it is always a party."

Not to be outdone, a new rice brand has come to town, placing billboards here and there.

"Lucky #1" is such a great name for rice, don't you think?

Sex sells ... even rice apparently.


Tonight, Hope remembered it was Malaria pill night. She said "Oh, we need to take our icky medicine so we can have gum, I'll go first." She does not even wince, she is one tough cookie. The power of single gumball amazes me. Even Noah has finally given up and is not spitting it back at us anymore.

Today a new gate guy started. Last Friday Troy decided to let a guy go that refused to do things the way they need to be done. I was praying and nervous and worried for Troy but it all went fine and the guy pretty much knew he had it coming. We are excited about the new guy because we really like him, he has been honest with us in the past and he wants to build a house and now he has an income to help him reach his goal.

Things are going very well here. I don't know if it is sinning to wonder how long it can last, but when we have a healthy, calm, stress free streak I get to looking over my shoulder. Faithless, I know. I am a work in progress, there is lots to do still. ;)

With the cancellation of two teams we have not had many visitors in months. Starting this Saturday we will have lots of people in and out of LaDigue visiting and working with us. I am hoping to get some guest bloggers with fresh perspective to share their thoughts. Until then, you're stuck with our perspective. Whatever that's worth.

Have a great Tuesday! -Tara