Sunday, October 22, 2006

Loot and Love

Jamie and Sharon got here safe and sound. It surprised us how giddy we were to be getting them, picking them up, and bringing them here. I think we kind of "buck up" and tell ourselves we don't miss our friends and family too much ... but really we do. A lot.

They came loaded down with a few hundred pounds of loot for the kids and us. The trick now is to pace ourselves so that when they leave next Saturday we might still have candy, fruit snacks, granola bars, gatorade, coffee mate, and chocolate chips. It's not likely though. One bag of twizzlers was devoured in 21 seconds. They also brought a bunch of diapers for Noah (still wearing them at night) and the new baby too.

Britt got a bunch of medical supplies, including some tools to do new things that Jamie and Sharon hope to teach her this week. Jamie came prepared to amputate fingers (the right way) so it should be a fun few days for Britt. She gave her first shots this week and was all freaked to do it, which made no sense to us because that would seem less scary then doing stitches ... but it might have just been weird looking at some Haitian guys butt cheek. She gave the guy two shots and says the second time was a little less scary then the first. All week long she has been instructing her patients that Sunday was a day to come for answers, they may not sit down today. There are three really bad fingers she's been working on and there was a HUGE abscess that burst yesterday so she will learn how to "pack" an abscess today too. It sounds horrific to me but she is skipping around here excited.

I am up early, unable to sleep. I think I ate too many Hot Tamales or something. In my email box was a note from friends at our home church. I had all but forgotten that they went to our house in Zimmerman to do our leaves today. Thank you so much New Joy Church for everything you do to make it easy to be here. Thank you Bev for coordinating this project. Thanks you for raking the 59 tree yard and for loving us. We are blessed. I bet our renter was pumped too.

Thank Yous, High Fives, Hugs and Props to-
Brad Lien - Cal Sayler -Scott, Isabelle, Loren Farkas - Pete Bogle -
Garth and Jared Booms - Steve and Michael Kohnen -
Andy, Kathy, Adrianne, Mitchell Lamers
Woot Woot guys!