Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday Night - Not Much News

The photo above is from this afternoon, of Lindsay and Britt working on cleaning Edmon's sutures. We had the easiest trip to Port ever. We left Lindsay with the boys and all the girls and Troy went to make the crazy-huge grocery trip. Many hands make light work, and it was fun to do it together. We divided our list and whipped through the place in no-time. Hope was going to stay back with her brothers, but Britt and Paige are suckers for her right now so they invited her to join the big-people party. Her stitches are getting her everywhere. John M. even gave her a bag of Jelly Beans just for showing him her wound.

Buying that many groceries at once always feels embarrassing ... for whatever reason. Mainly, it is just odd to drop hundreds on groceries when so many are hungry and cannot even imagine that much food going to one place. The store had everything on our list to feed/care for the coming group, except Pringles (which is usually the ONLY chip you can find) and Kleenex. The team will just need to use their shirts for tissue, not a problem. Degaje.

We grabbed lunch at a place called Epid'or --- sort of a fast food joint Haiti-style. After that we (the four girls) took our truck home and Troy took his truck to go get the new generator, which has been a loooooong time coming. I just about fell over when he pulled in with it shortly after 4pm. This new unit is bigger and more efficient and will equal less dollars spent on diesel. The little generator can now be an emergency back-up. Electricity is a beautiful thing.

I cannot remember the last time I drove. Thankfully it was totally uneventful. I will drive again on Wednesday afternoon to help Troy get the team, we'll need both trucks.

The only job I regularly avoid doing for months on end is cleaning out the refrigerator. The only reason to do it is so my mom, or strangers, don't see how nasty me and my spin-offs let it get. I did that today. No team member from Michigan will be finding anything sick or wrong growing in my refrigerator.

Hope's leg continues to look pretty good, no infection problems. :) Woot.

Below, is the main reason you should not eat mascara. Nobody told him about the risks, so really, he is not to blame.

We don't know when a break in the heat arrives in this country. Halloween means snow where we're from, so 97 degree days in late October is quite a peculiar thing to us.

Did you notice Troy's fancy new Flickr thing to the left? He is uploading most of his photos, both average and good, on the Flickr site as time allows in the evenings. Fancy, huh?

Goodnight from La Digue. :)