Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Q & A

Q. Don't you think it it might offend some folks when you have your five year old kid making jokes about being in a bar fight?

A. Yes. That's what makes it so fun.
(Plus, he did not REALLY get in a bar fight. We don't let our kids go to bars until they are 7.)

Q. Don't you think it is insensitive to say the Police Chief is 'not missing any meals'?

A. Yes, we are generally insensitive and our political correctness training expired. We have been out of the employ of large "diverse" companies, that offer that sort of training, for too long. (Depending on who you ask.) But seriously, I don't think he is missing any.

Q. What is a "blog" anyway?

A. We asked that same question not so long ago. As near as we can tell, a blog is a personal web page for narcissistic people who mistakenly think that everyone else finds their lives, musings or photos interesting.

Q. Does Britt REALLY eat that much cheese?

A. Come see for yourself. It is a sight to behold.