Saturday, October 07, 2006

Port Pictures

The National Cathedral

National Palace

"Neg Mawon"

Also named "Marron Inconnu" or "Runaway Slave"

Statue of Jean Jacques Dessalines, the first "emporer" of Haiti

While the school director was shopping for books downtown Port Au Prince last week, I headed off to the nearby "safer" neighborhood around the palace. I had a chance to see the palace area up close and get some pictures of the surrounding national monuments. My favorite one is the Neg Mawon statue. I will post more pictures of it and some more history later. It is a tribute to the slave army that formed and helped overthrow Napoleon's army, and ultimately win Haiti's independence. The area around the palace is well-policed and kept fairly "clean". I was surprised to see the parks and well-kept promenades there.