Monday, October 23, 2006

Mission Monday

Monday mornings are typically very busy here, and today is no different. Monday mornings are a free for all and anyone who wants to talk to Troy can come without an appointment.

Paige got up at the crack of dawn and got busy with her school day, so she is basically done with today's lessons and feeling pretty darn good about herself! Britt, Jamie and Sharon saw a scary looking swollen knee this morning but did not have the right tools to open it up. We are hoping we might be able to visit Lori in Cazale and try and help him over at her clinic. There are a few more serious wounds coming today so the day will be full for the medical personnel around these parts.

We have much to do to prepare for our team, Sharon is cleaning down at the other missionary house, I am cleaning up here and the massive grocery list is being complied. We have 12 coming next week.

Britt in her oddness, will likely be on an adrenaline high after today's procedures, so I am sure she will blog again tonight. It is so fun to see her excited ... weird too... the way she writes about this stuff, with such excitement, is exactly as pumped as she is in reality. The rest of us don't really get it, but we are entertained. Using "awesome abscess-amputation" to describe what we saw yesterday ... well, awesome might not be our word. We are here to cheer these medical dorks on though ... more power to them. I don't really want to stick a hose inside of a guy's gut, so it's good someone finds that fun.

No baby news. Every time the phone rings we jump, but no news of anything happening yet.

Thanks for checking in on us. We appreciate your support and care for our tribe. MUCH LOVE and many thanks,